Disability & Accessibility

Disability & Accessibility

Bar-Ilan University works to improve on-campus accessibility for all students, and does everything in its power to provide equal opportunity to students coping with disabilities, such as the hearing impaired, the learning disabled, the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, and students suffering from other physical disabilities.

The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit

Students coping with disabilities are invited to refer to the Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit for academic and physical support such as: tutorage, reading out loud services, Xerox cards, test rewrites, workshops for the learning disabled, special considerations during exams, etc.

The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit offers study rooms with special aids to disabled students, including special computers, recording tapes and other means of academic assistance.

Contact details for the Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit:
Tel: +972-3-531-8491  
Fax: +972-3-535-4846 
Email: miri.gorodetzky@biu.ac.il 

The Dean of Students' Office

The objective of the Dean of Students' office is to act on behalf of all of Bar-Ilan's students, care for their welfare, and provide equal opportunities for students and applicants coping with physical, mental, social and/or academic disabilities.

Applicants who were rejected by the University's department are welcomed to contact the Dean of Students' office and request special consideration.  Any student suffering from a medical disability is entitled to assistance including reading aloud, photocopies, academic tutoring, counseling and technical support during exams. 

For more information about the services offered by the Dean of Student's office, contact:
Overseas Students – Dean of Students' office
Tel: +972-3-531-7640  
Fax: +972-3-535-1522 
Email: dean.overseas@biu.ac.il

On-Campus Accessibility

To report or ask about on-campus accessibility issues, contact:
The Maintenance Department
Tel:  +972-3-531-8000.

To report illegal parking in the disabled parking spaces, or parking hazards, contact:
The Security Division
Tel: +972-531-8550


The Disability Rights Clinic

The Disability Rights Legal Clinic, established in 2003 by Bar-Ilan's Faculty of Law, provides legal aid and disability rights information to persons with disabilities in Israel and their family members, empowering them and fighting for their equality under the law in all areas of life. The most common problems that arise concern accessibility, social security, guardianship, housing, employment, insurance, special education, medical treatment, and governmental benefits.

For more information about the clinic, or to schedule an appointment, contact:
The Disability Rights Clinic
Tel: +972-3-531-8373

The Students-with-Disaibilites Forum

Bar-Ilan University holds meetings for students with disabilities, aiming to transform the social perspective and create awareness to the issue of disabilities and disables students at the university.

To learn more and/or to join the form, contact one of the following Forum members: 
Hezi Drot - hezidrot1@gmail.com 
Ephraim Lavi - lavi610@walla.com 
Moran Har-Even - 96moran96@walla.com   

Accessibility Committee

Bar-Ilan University's Accessibility Committee reviews and provides solutions for disabled students' accessibility problems around the campus.  The Committee convenes periodically to discuss relevant matters. To include issues on the agenda, any student can refer to one of the members of the Students-with-Disabilities forum.

Last modified: 07/11/2018